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PHP Protector 1.49

PHP Protector 1.49
PHP Protector 1.49 | 6 Mb

The PHP Protector algorithm is based on components and functions which are available on all PHP web servers. To put it another way: scripts protected using PHP Protector run in all places where non-protected scripts would also run. The PHP Protector protection algorithm ensures that protected scripts are neither readable to the human eye nor modifiable.

Protect entire folders
PHP scripts are generally made up of a number of files and subfolders. Child's play for the PHP Protector: simply use the Protect entire folder function to protect all files and subfolders in a folder.

Protect individual files
PHP Protector also allows you to protect individual files. The protection of a single file or a selection of files rather than an entire folder is a simple process: choose the Protect individual files mode and enter the filenames of the files to be protected. Alternatively, search with ease for the files you wish to protect using the "Open" dialogue.

PHP Protector is the ideal solution for the protection of your PHP source code.

Protect PHP source code against access and modification
Protected scripts executable on any PHP web server
No server module installation required
Secure protection on your own computer
All versions of PHP supported


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