WampDeveloper Pro 5 is the easiest to use and most advanced Apache, PHP, and MySQL Web-Development and Hosting software for Windows.

WAMP Developer Pro

WAMP Developer Pro
WAMP Developer Pro | 249 Mb

WampDeveloper Pro is the best (and fastest) way to create and run multiple websites on Windows, using Apache + PHP + MySQL + phpMyAdmin. Create and Host multiple websites in less time and with less effort it takes to grab a cup of coffee. Ready to Run - Installs Under 1 Minute - No Manual Required - Self-Contained Now standard with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, MediaWiki and Magento - auto-installable on any website and URL.

Host Multiple Websites on a Single IP Address from Home, Office, or Datacenter
Create and host 100s of websites on a single IP address, including SSL (secured) websites. Just click "Websites > Add", give the website a domain name, and WampDeveloper Pro will do the rest.

Automatically Install WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, phpBB3 and MediaWiki on any Website and URL
There are no packages to download, no configuration files to edit, no databases to create, and no installation scripts to run. Select a website, choose the web application you'd like to install, give WampDeveloper Pro a /url to use ... and in 30 seconds you can have a fully running Drupal or Joomla website with a WordPress /blog, a Magento /store, phpBB3 /forums, and a MediaWiki /wiki. You can also choose to install web applications manually, there are no limitations or restrictions. WampDeveloper Pro is fully compatible with all PHP and MySQL based applications (we'll even help you install them).

Integrate with Tomcat, IIS, and Nginx Running on the Same System
In addition to using Apache, WampDeveloper Pro can also run side-by-side with Tomcat and IIS. You'll have PHP websites, Java/JSP websites, and ASP.NET websites, all on the same system.

phpMyAdmin Interface to the MySQL Database
phpMyAdmin provides complete access to the MySQL Database. Create and view databases & tables, add/edit/remove entries, set up database users, import/export data, the feature list goes on.

AWStats Log Analysis per Website
Every website has access to its own AWStats analytics/statistics page (/stats) which provides full analysis of the website's access and error logs. Spot your best content, see where your visitors are coming from, detect time and day patterns, total visits, search engine robot hits, and much more.

Dramatic PHP Performance Increase with PHP Opcode Cache
Increase the performance of your websites by 10x. Select your website, click 1 check-box, and WampDeveloper Pro will enable PHP Opcode for that website. The easiest performance gain ever.

The Famous 60 Seconds Installation
Download WampDeveloper Pro and select 'Run Installation Tasks'. If it takes more than 60 seconds to install, ask for your money back! Chances are, you won't even need to reboot the system, and will immediately have a running, fully functional web server that is already hosting the default and example websites.

Fantastic Support
Our product is fully supported by in-house engineers. Support is never outsourced or scripted. We've had over 250,000 downloads since 2003, and have troubleshot and answered 1000s of issues... This means that we have seen it all, and we know how to solve (and avoid) problems. It's not that uncommon to get an email response from us 11pm on a Sunday, or even on Christmas and New Year's Eve.

A Clean, Efficient, First-Class User Interface
WampDeveloper Pro's user interface is not a slow and limited in-browser webpage. The UI is a full Windows .NET application that uses the latest WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and XAML (Extensible Application Markup Language) technology. Our goal for the UI is to be: 1) simple to use, 2) efficient, 3) responsive; and to require no documentation (to be self-explanatory).

WampDeveloper Pro is Professional Grade Software
WampDeveloper Pro is not a toy web server package. It is a product of 7+ years of iteration/progress, and real world web-development & website hosting experience. WampDeveloper Pro contains only the best-of-breed, proven, and most widely used components. There are 100s of ways to install, set up, integrate, and configure Apache + PHP + MySQL the wrong way. But only 1 or 2 ways to do it right ... the WampDeveloper Pro way. WampDeveloper Pro is clean, modularized, stress & load tested, debugged, secured, performance optimized, and follows industry best practices. WampDeveloper Pro can be used both for local development and production/deployment (hosting).

Stay Up-To-Date with the Latest Versions of Apache, PHP, and MySQL
Select between all available versions of Apache, PHP, and MySQL to use. WampDeveloper Pro uses a dynamic component linking structure that is not dependant on any particular version of the components used. Changing versions of Apache, PHP, and MySQL is as simple as check-marking the versions you'd like to use. Switch to new versions as they are released to keep up-to-date and benefit from bug fixes and performance enhancements. Or validate your websites against all versions of Apache, PHP, and MySQL.

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