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PHP Report Maker 10.0.0 Retail

PHP Report Maker 10.0.0 Retail
PHP Report Maker 10.0.0 Retail | 33 Mb

PHP Report Maker is a powerful reporting tool that can generate dynamic PHP Web reports from MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle database. You can instantly create live detail and summary reports or crosstabs reports for your Websites. javascript (HTML 5) charts (column, bar, line, pie, area, doughnut, multi-series and stacked chart) and Flash charts (funnel, Candlestick and Gantt chart only) are supported. The generated Web pages are pure PHP, no server side or client-side component is required. PHP Report Maker is designed for high flexibility, numerous options enable you to generate the reports that best suits your needs. The generated codes are clean and easy-to-customize. The PHP scripts can be run on Windows servers (MySQL/PostgreSQL/Access/MSSQL/Oracle) or Linux/Unix servers (MySQL/PostgreSQL/Oracle). PHP Report Maker can save you tons of time and is suitable for both beginners and experienced developers alike.

Supports multiple charts for each report (See Chart Setup). Configurable chart properties. Supported chart types:

Column 2D Chart
Column 3D Chart
Pie 3D Chart
Pie 2D Chart
Line 2D Chart
Bar 2D Chart
Area 2D Chart
Doughnut 2D Chart
Multi-series Column 2D Chart
Multi-series Column 3D Chart
Multi-series Line 2D Chart
Multi-series Area 2D Chart
Multi-series Bar 2D Chart
Stacked Column 2D Chart
Stacked Column 3D Chart
Stacked Area 2D Chart
Stacked Bar 2D Chart
Multi-series Column 2D Dual Y Chart
Multi-series Column 2D Dual Y Chart
Doughnut 3D Chart
Multi-series Bar 3D Chart
Stacked Bar 3D
Bar 3D Chart
Scroll charts
Grid Component
Funnel Chart (Flash version only)
Candlestick Chart (Flash version only)
Gantt Chart (Flash version only)

Note: PHP Report Maker ships with FusionCharts XT Trial version (pure javascript/HTML5 charts) and FusionCharts Free (Flash charts for Funnel, Candlestick and Gantt charts). Registered users of PHP Report Maker are entitled to enjoy the benefit of the FusionCharts extension with licensed FusionCharts v3.5 which is a paid version of FusionCharts XT. Read FusionCharts for details.

Extended Filters also support relative filters for datetime fields like popup filters.

Optional Summary at Various Levels
Grouping level summary
Page Summary
Grand Summary

Optional Advanced Security (User ID and User Level)

Date picker and timer picker (Time picker is extension for registered users only)
Supports LESS - The Dynamic Stylesheet Language
Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle (Linux/Windows), Microsoft Access and SQL Server (Windows only)
Various PHP options. Locale, default date formats. mysqli, etc. (See PHP Settings)
Saving and restoring project from Project File
Synchronize project settings with changes in database
CSS stylesheet
User selectable page size
Table-specific page options
Dynamic table loading
Multi-Language project
Multi-Language Property Editor
BLOB field as image in report
Code repository
MD5 and case-sensitive password
Database helper
Visual query builder
Customizable template
Testing with IIS Express
Compatibility with PHPMaker

New Script Engine by Node.js

Faster loading/unloading of large projects
Faster script generation
New User Code with events for system functions and before/after generation


Option to enable/disable fields for sorting
Option to hide pager if single page only
Option to show/hide breadcrumbs or show as page title
Simple Windows/LDAP Authentication
Handles Session Keep Alive and Session Timeout when security disabled
Supports Sass (replaces LESS)
dompdf 0.7.0
ADOdb 5.20.6
PHPMailer 5.2.21
FusionCharts XT 3.11.3
Bootstrap 3.3.7
jQuery, JsRender, Moment, Colorbox, typeahead.js, Timepicker updated
PHPExcel and PHPWord updated (registered users only)
mobile_detect.php and mobile-detect.js updated
Many other minor improvements

PHP Report Maker 10.0.0 Retail

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