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Dofactory JavaScript + jQuery Design Pattern Framework

Dofactory JavaScript + jQuery Design Pattern Framework
Dofactory jаvascript + jQuery Design Pattern Framework

Perhaps your answer is yes, because you're programming in .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby or some similar technology. However, these are server technologies which are not universal. The correct answer is jаvascript because it is the only language that runs on the browser (any browser) which makes it the de-facto standard. jаvascript is the only true web language. Not only that, jаvascript can also run only the server (node.js for example). Some big-name sites are coding full-stack web apps in 100% jаvascript!

Learn to build world-class web apps with:
jаvascript Modern Patterns
jаvascript Classic (GoF) Patterns
jаvascript Model-View Patterns
jаvascript Architecture Patterns
jаvascript Idioms & Hacks
jQuery Design Patterns
Patterns in Action Apps (MVC, SPA, etc)
Bonus: 37 jаvascript Rockstar Tips

Today, wonderful sites are available that use jаvascript extensively, such as,,,,, and many more.

jаvascript is a small language that was not designed for large scale deployment. Perhaps you have a basic understanding of jаvascript and looking at those beautiful large scale sites you're wondering: "how'd they do that with such a simple language?"

Well, this is EXACTLY what the jаvascript + jQuery Design Pattern Framework is designed to teach you. It will get you from "adding some procedural code that changes the background color of a button", to "building robust, scalable, and professional applications that will delight your end-users."

The jаvascript + jQuery Design Pattern Framework will teach you how to build web apps with modern jаvascript patterns, practices, and architectures. You'll have the skills and the confidence to develop scalable, beautiful web apps using advanced jаvascript patterns and techniques.

By introducing patterns to your projects your notion of jаvascript will change from that of a 'limited' language to one that is flexible, powerful, and great fun to work with. It's how jаvascript pros (the ninjas and the rock stars) are building their apps all day long.

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