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Grapecity ActiveReports for JavaScript v1.1

Grapecity ActiveReports for JavaScript  v1.1
Grapecity ActiveReports for jаvascript v1.1

jаvascript Reporting Solution for Web Applications

Build scalable reporting applications
Improved support for Angular, React, and Vue
Integrate ActiveReportsJS into applications
using popular jаvascript frameworks
Enable reporting on the client
without server dependencies
Export reports to PDF, Excel, or HTML formats

High-performance jаvascript Reporting Engine
Leverage the powerful reporting engine to load and generate your reports in jаvascript on any device.

Client-side Exporting and Printing
Quickly generate WYSIWYG reports and export to PDF or Excel on the client-side. Allow your end-users to print pixel-perfect jаvascript reports.

Design Interactive jаvascript Reports
Use the drill-down or drill-through functions to provide interactivity and more specific information for end-users.

Reporting for any jаvascript Framework
Use ActiveReportsJS with any popular jаvascript framework including Angular, React, and Vue.

No External Dependencies
Written in TypeScript. Execute in any web application. Customizable and easy to use in VSCode.

Multiple Report Types
Choose from layout-driven page reports or data-driven RDL reports to create a full-featured report library.

Designer for jаvascript Reports
Deliver beautifully designed jаvascript reports in less time with the ActiveReportsJS Designer.

Install on any OS
The Designer can be installed on Windows, Mac or Linux Operating Systems, enabling developers to design reports on any platform.

Functional jаvascript Reporting
Create complex reports using the intuitive drag-and-drop GUI. Visualize your data with report controls like tables and charts.

Convert to jаvascript Reports
jаvascript works best with JSON-like syntax. Open traditional RDLX reports in the designer and save them as RDLX-JSON.

Render Reports in Browser
Take advantage of client-side, jаvascript report rendering without depending on the server.

Customizable Viewer
Style the viewer using themes or create your own. Configure Viewer options in the toolbar or view your report in Galley mode.

View Lightweight Reports
jаvascript is perfect for processing lightweight reports and viewing transactional or operational reports.

The Tablix control provides a tabular layout with advanced features which allows analysis on multiple dimensions.

Group data by rows and columns
Summarize categorized data
create flexible layouts

Data Visualization
Create highly functional jаvascript reports in your web applications from multiple JSON data sources. Give more insight into your data with tables, charts, and barcodes.

Use data-bound report controls
Embed your data with barcodes and QR codes
Create tabular layouts to structure content

Combine multiple reports, with different data sources, in a single file. Filter data by passing parameters from the main report to subreport.

Reuse the same jаvascript report in multiple reports
Changes to subreport automatically carry over
Display multiple reports with a single jаvascript report

Save time using the built-in barcodes and increase productivity and efficiency. No need to integrate your own barcode library.

50+ barcode symbologies supported
Configure barcode size, style, color, text, etc.

Sparklines are great for quick analysis of recent data and to display trends. Integrate sparklines in jаvascript data visualization components.

Identify trends and give more meaning to raw data
Choose from different types: Line, Area, Column, Whiskers, and Stackedbar

Convert data into visual elements for intuitive insights. Choose from various chart types like bar, columns, line, bubble, etc.

Summarize data with graphics and elements
Understand large amounts of data in seconds
Create drill-down or drill-through charts

Collect data in a table or add your own items to individual cells to create tabular reports

View organized data records
Configure columns and rows
Sort, group or filter your data
Merge cells horizontally or vertically

Table of Contents
Embed an easily navigable Table of Contents control to organize documents and reports.

Hierarchical report structures
Navigate through reports
Render and Print TOC

ActiveReportsJS version 1.1 is now available and includes several new updates. We have improved support for the Angular, React, and Vue frameworks. We've added additional support for fonts, and a localization feature for two new locales.

Framework Viewer Components
There are three new modules for Angular, React, and Vue. These modules expose the ActiveReportsJS Viewer properties and methods natively, allowing you to take advantage of the frameworks features, like declarative syntax and template and event binding. Each of the new modules is available on NPM.

Get started with the new viewers in your application by install using NPM or Yarn.

npm install @grapecity/activereports-angular

Embedding Fonts
You can now add fonts that are not included with the ActiveReportsJS. Add new fonts to the Designer and the Viewer to provide the same experience at design time and run time.

Fonts added to your designer will appear in the Text dropdown.

Adding fonts to the designer
Embedding Fonts

These fonts can be exported to PDF also.

Adding fonts to the viewer
Adding fonts to the viewer

Auto Merging
The Table and Tablix control now support the automatic merging feature. This feature allows adjacent cells with the same content to combine to become a single larger cell, instead of duplicating the content in each cell. It is much easier to view and analyze tabular data in this manner.

Table - Auto Merge
Table - Auto Merge
Tablix- Auto Merge
Tablix- Auto Merge

Version 1.1 introduces a new localization module. We have created two new locales for China and Japan. Choose your locale and easily localize your project using the localization module from NPM.

npm install @grapecity/activereports-localization

Localize the viewer using the Locale ID (LCID).

window.viewer = new ActiveReports.Viewer('#root', { language: "zh-cn" });

Supported locales are:

EN (English)
ZH (Chinese)
JP (Japanese)
See the Localization Demo to test the new locales.

New Report Samples
We have added several new report samples and will continue to add more. Check out the latest ActiveReportsJS Demos.

A look at our new report samples:

Blood Test Results
Form D
Logistics cost
Product Profitability
Student Progress Report
Tablix > Grouping
Table > Sorting
React Component
Vue Component
Breaking Changes
renamed ie-polyfills.full.js to ie-polyfills.js

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