Download Arction LightingChart JS v1.3.1

Arction LightingChart JS v1.3.1

Arction LightingChart JS v1.3.1
Arction LightingChart JS v1.3.1

The time has come – we are happy to announce that LightningChart® is coming soon for Web! We present LightningChart JS, a lightning-fast charting library for the most demanding jаvascript developers. LightningChart® JS is a groundbreaking jаvascript charting library for Web focusing on real-time data visualization. LightningChart® JS provides full interactivity and outstanding performance achieved by the utilization of low-level rendering algorithms implemented on WebGL. The library allows to present line charts, trading charts, pie/donut, gauge, funnel, pyramid, and spider charts.

The Highest Performance of Real-time Visualization
LightningChart JS is a charting library focusing on real-time data visualization for trading, engineering, aerospace, medicine and other demanding fields.

Powerful GPU acceleration and WebGL rendering ensure efficient utilization of the graphics processor and smooth animations in your application.

The product provides intuitive touch screen interactivity with zooming, panning, and moving data cursors.

Dashboard control makes it easy, convenient and very fast to manage multiple charts and all UI elements in a single view.

LightningChart® JS v.1 will feature XY, Radar/Spider and Pie/Donut charts.

Developers will be able to purchase individual or team licenses for 5 or 10 users. A certain number of support tickets will be included in every license, while additional domains and support tickets will be available for purchase separately.


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