Download PHPMaker 2021 Paid Extensions

PHPMaker 2021 Paid Extensions

PHPMaker 2021 Paid Extensions
PHPMaker 2021 Paid Extensions

An extension allows you to change the template to support additional feature(s) implemented in the extension. Extensions files must be placed under the subfolder "extensions" of the installation folder.


An extension is NOT a project template, do not try to select an extension as a template for generation.
All extensions are only provided as examples on how to extend the template with your own code or your own implementation of third party tools, all third party tools used in them are not developed by the author of PHPMaker and are not part of PHPMaker, NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT WILL BE PROVIDED. Also see Third-party Tools for more information on the third-party tools.
All third-party tools require implementation and will NOT automatically work with PHPMaker without extensions.

Using Extensions

Click Tools->Extensions to enable or disable these extensions. Before enabling the extension, make sure you read the notes about the extension first. If the extension has advanced settings (NOT every extension has it), you'll see the Advanced tab after selecting the extension. Click the Advanced to configure advanced settings for the extension.

In the Advanced tab, you may see Project, Tables, and Fields tabs, depending on extensions. Note that NOT every extension has all 3 tabs, some extensions may have project level settings only, some extensions may have table or field level settings also, e.g.

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