Download Grapecity SpreadJS v14.2.0

Grapecity SpreadJS v14.2.0

Grapecity SpreadJS v14.2.0
Grapecity SpreadJS v14.2.0

Surpass the limits of a traditional spreadsheet with these Excel-like jаvascript spreadsheet components – and no dependencies

Deliver user-friendly Excel spreadsheet experiences, fast
Create spreadsheets, grids, dashboards, and forms with the comprehensive API
Leverage the powerful, high-speed calculation engine
Access 450+ built-in formulas
Import and export Excel spreadsheets
Pure jаvascript supports Angular, TypeScript
NEW! Full support for React and Vue

A complete high-performance JS app toolbox in one spreadsheet control
Leverage the extensive JS spreadsheet API and powerful calculation engine to create analysis, budgeting, dashboard, data collection and management, scientific, and financial applications

Code-free extensibility and customization with the Spread Designer Apps
Instantly design feature-rich Excel-like spreadsheets with the SpreadJS Designers for desktop and web

Pure jаvascript with TypeScript and Angular support
With no external libraries or frameworks like jQuery, your jаvascript spreadsheets will be light, customizable, and easy to use in VSCode—and include support for Angular v6, React, and Vue.js

Displays data in a way that is creative, insightful, and flexible
Bring flair and insight to your web apps with our Views component, a collection of data presentation controls like cards, trellis, calendar, Gantt, news feed, and more

Powerful calculation engine includes 450+ functions
With more built-in functions than other jаvascript spreadsheets, custom functions, and the formula text box, your computing power is optimized for big data and complex calculations

Optimize your web app size and speed in any browser
SpreadJS is modular, so you only need to add what you use to your jаvascript spreadsheet apps, and this client-side component works in Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, and is tested for all modern browsers

Powerful calculation engine with 450+ functions
This high-speed, optimized engine adds computing power to even the most complex formulas without dragging down your apps, includes more functions than any other spreadsheet component, and supports custom functions.

Import/export Excel files in jаvascript spreadsheet
No jаvascript spreadsheet is complete without full Excel import/export support! Import your Excel spreadsheets and lose little functionality—and then export your SpreadJS spreadsheet to XLSX.

Visualize data with charts and sparklines
Offer insight into your data with interactive charts and sparklines. With most Excel charts, interactions, and animations, your dashboards and analytical spreadsheets will come to life.

Built-in globalization
Select from available cultures, or create your own custom culture and adjust date masks, languages, number separators, currencies, and more.

Data presentation controls
Take advantage of tables, filtering, conditional formatting, and shapes to offer an expanded Excel-like experience.

No-code JS spreadsheet design with Spread Designers
Choose from the powerful desktop Designer App or the convenience of the Web Designer—you’ll get code-free spreadsheet apps in no time.