Download ExeOutput for PHP v1.7.0 + Crack

ExeOutput for PHP v1.7.0

ExeOutput for PHP v1.7.0
ExeOutput for PHP v1.7.0

Convert PHP scripts, websites, jаvascript, HTML, databases into stand-alone apps for Windows (single EXE files) that do not require a Web server nor PHP distribution. Make Fully-Customizable Applications for the Desktop with PHP, HTML and jаvascript, and without additional skills.

A full-featured PHP To EXE compiler
Applications made with ExeOutput for PHP run PHP scripts, PHP applications, and PHP websites natively, and do not require a web server, a web browser, or PHP distribution. They are stand-alone and work on any computer with recent Windows versions. ExeOutput for PHP is a powerful website compiler that works with all of the elements found on modern sites: PHP scripts, jаvascript, HTML, CSS, XML, PDF files, Flash, Flash videos, Silverlight videos, databases, and images. Combining these elements with PHP Runtime and PHP Extensions, ExeOutput for PHP builds an EXE file that contains your complete application.

With ExeOutput for PHP, you can make ebooks, custom web browsers, database front-ends, games, interactive catalogs, Rich Internet Applications (RIA) and much more by combining the power of PHP, HTML and jаvascript into software applications for the desktop. You can easily convert your existing web applications powered by PHP into native Windows applications. PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, silex, laravel, kohana are supported.

End users run the compiled application as easily as they would run any EXE file. From their perspective, they're running a web browser that displays your PHP pages, as if these pages were hosted on a remote server. You decide whether the browser rendering engine is Trident (same as Internet Explorer) or WebKit (same as Google Chrome). Your application can handle HTML 5 and CSS 3.

Because each application is self-contained, you never have to worry about having the proper PHP distribution on their computers. There are no port conflicts and no firewall problems because everything needed to run the application is contained in the EXE file. Unlike simple PHP-to-EXE wrappers, ExeOutput for PHP supports password protection, anti-debugger features, GUI customization, and code signing certificates. It's easy to create portable applications that run completely from a USB drive.

Stand-Alone and Secure Applications
- Create one single EXE for Windows: ExeOutput for PHP combines the PHP runtime and all PHP, image, HTML, Flash, jаvascript, Silverlight, XML, PDF and other files into one single EXE.
- The executable is stand-alone: the PHP runtime (version 5.3.x) is embedded inside the EXE and is never unpacked to the hard disk.
- Compiled files are compressed and protected: they cannot be unpacked later with a decompiler or an archive tool like 7-Zip. PHP scripts are never unpacked to the hard disk and even critical PHP scripts may be automatically converted to bytecode for better security thanks to the integrated support for the php bcompiler extension. End users cannot modify your scripts.

Customized Desktop Applications
- PHP pages and websites are displayed in a custom secure browser based either on the Trident (like Internet Explorer) or the WebKit (Chromium) rendering engines. Standard navigation tools and menu commands are available, and can be customized according to your needs.
- You can design unique GUIs for your applications: choose skins, add custom buttons and menu items, show popup windows, display a tray icon...
- EXE customization is allowed with your own icon, version information resource. Modify the about box, insert your own brand, logo and advertise your company.

Use PHP to Build Applications
- Use existing PHP functions and extensions in your applications: graphics, XML, PDF, Zip, charts, databases, and much more. AJAX and jQuery are supported too.
- No server is required! No PHP distribution. No port nor firewall conflicts.
- Compatible with popular PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, Silex, Laravel, Kohana...
- Use the same PHP code online and offline.
- Basic PHP extensions such as php_gd2.dll, php_bcompiler.dll... are supported by ExeOutput for PHP and may be embedded inside the EXE too.
- Database engines like SQLite, MySQL, fSQL are successfully handled by the PHP engine. You may also have your applications connect to remote database servers and act as front-end applications.

Not just a simple PHP to EXE wrapper
- Parts of your application can be restricted and/or protected with security profiles. You can use password protection, anti-debugger features, disable the PRINT SCREEN key...
- Applications can be digitally signed with a code signing certificate (Authenticode) to avoid the security warning displayed by Vista, Seven and Windows 8.


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